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2016-2017 Calendar - (PDF)
2017-18 Tentative Calendar - (PDF)


 Does the FVL online calendar have a "subscribe" option?


Below are some general instructions on how to subscribe to the FVL online calendar.

Please note that you may need to search online for specific information on "how to subscribe" for the calendar program on your computer or device. 

    1. On your computer or mobile device, click the FVLHS Online Calendar
    2. In the toolbar below the name of the calendar find the diamond icon with the little “i”
    3. Choose the calendar to which you want to subscribe
      • Athletics only
      • FVL Schools (K-8)
      • FVL Events Calendar (the whole shebang)
      • Individual event types only, such as baskeball-boys, baseball, or other
    4. Choose which feed works best for your calendar (webcal or http) and subscribe following your device/calendar instructions
      (on iPhone, click the webcal address, and your phone's calendar program will ask if you want to subscribe).


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