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Academic Resource Center (ARC) Assistant

Application - pdf


Download Job Description (also listed below) - pdf

Application Deadline: Until position is filled 
Start Date: As Soon As Possible
Pay Range: $10-$12/Hour, Based on Experience



The job of ARC Assistant was established for the purpose/s of providing support to the instructional program with specific responsibilities for maintaining the library and media collections at the school site; identifying age appropriate resources for students and teachers utilizing library and media resources; selecting appropriate items in support of classroom instruction; and performing clerical functions related to collection, processing, circulation, maintenance, and inventory of library materials and/or textbooks, as well as assisting as the first line in troubleshooting technology issues.



    • Active member of a WELS/ELS congregation
    • Committed student of God’s Word through personal and public Bible study
    • Committed to Christian education
    • Strong and age-appropriate interpersonal skills with teenagers and adults
    • Positive/friendly disposition and demeanor
    • Strong organizational skills
    • Punctual and dependable
    • Trustworthy, exercising discretion
    • Self-sufficient and resourceful
    • Strong desire to learn and help others
    • Must be willing to undergo a background check
    • Effective oral and written communication skills



    • Strong ability to multi-task
    • Attention to detail
    • Ability to organize and set priorities
    • Knowledge of general office equipment: copy machine, printer, fax machine, laminator etc.
    • Must have strong classroom management / supervision abilities
    • Proficient with technology
    • Ability to deal with students in a God pleasing and Christian attitude
    • Knowledge of library procedures a plus
    • Knowledge of Destiny Library Management Software a plus


    • Is accountable to the Academic Resource Center Coordinator, the Curriculum Director, the Principal and the At-Risk Coordinator.
    • Is managed by the Academic Resource Center Coordinator
    • Hours coincide with the school day.  Starting time is 15 minutes before the school day starts, and ending time is 15 minutes after the end of the school day.  (7:45-3:30 on regular school days)
    • Assists in ordering supplies and equipment for the purpose of ensuring availability as needed.
    • Assists in processing notices of missing, damaged, or overdue library books, media, and materials for the purpose of providing and/or maintaining access to library resources and securing reimbursement for losses.
    • Assists teachers, students and administrators for the purpose of identifying resource materials for use in classroom and/or class assignments.
    • Evaluates books, media, and/or periodicals for retention within collection (e.g. repairing damaged books, recommending retirement of books, media, periodicals, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring the availability of books and library materials.
    • Maintains materials inventory and equipment (e.g. library books, library hardware/software, audio books, media equipment, computers, magazines, newspapers, and related instructional materials, etc.) for the purpose of providing an up-to-date reference and ensuring the availability of materials and equipment when required.
    • Operates a variety of media equipment, computer equipment, and systems (e.g. computers, printers, smart boards, laminators, etc.) for the purpose of providing library media services to students and staff.
    • Performs circulation activities (e.g. item check-in and check-out, lists of overdue items, etc.) for the purpose of controlling the use, location and availability of items in the collection.
    • Staffs the Circulation Desk and supervises student volunteers
    • Prepares manual and electronic documents and reports (e.g. collection statistics, scheduling reports/requests, renewal information, overdue lists, fines, costs, etc.) for the purpose of providing documentation and information to others.
    • Performs printer balance checks and payments, as well as payment for material checkout - (laptop, laptop case, Lenovo Pens etc).
    • Assists in maintaining physical appearance of library
    • Creates and maintains displays and bulletin boards
    • Supervises/serves/assists students in the At-Risk program and any other students who are assigned to the Academic Resource Center for study/support
    • Assists with troubleshooting student laptops and other technology issues.


    • Annual review by the Academic Resource Center Coordinator and the Curriculum Director



Member of the FVL Schools Educational & Child Care System

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