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Financial Aid is Available

  • FVL pledges to assist families in working through the financial challenges of investing in a Christian high school education for their child(ren).
  • Thousands of families have been able to fulfill their dreams of a Christian high school education due to dedicated work of the FVL Endowment Fund and generous donors.
  • Financial Aid is available both for FVL Federation families and for families from the community.
  • Financial Aid is not available for the STEM Academy entry fee.

 Resources to Minimize Tuition Costs

What if our Family Runs into Financial Problems During the Year?

We pray this doesn't happen, but if financial challenges -- loss of income, family illness or accident, disability -- arise during the school year, please contact the Director of Operations or Principal as soon as possible.

 How Can I Help?

Gifts for tuition assistance are always appreciated and needed. Gifts may be given directly to the school for the current school year or may be given to the FVL Endowment Fund.



Aid to FVL Families

2000-01 = $135,000
2001-02 = $144,000
2002-03 = $172,000
2003-04 = $176,000
2004-05 = $180,000
2005-06 = $185,000
2006-07 = $265,000
2007-08 = $280,000
2008-09 = $285,000
2009-10 = $335,000
2010-11 = $340,000
2011-12 = $345,000
2012-13 = $340,000
2013-14 = $360,000
2014-15 = $355,000*
2015-16 = $247,000

*Wisconsin Parental Choice Program implemented

FVL's SCRIP program helps parents reduce tuition costs while they do their regular shopping. Some families begin banking money for their child's future FVL tuition as soon as they're born!

Financial planning while your children are young makes FVL an affordable choice.


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