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FVL Foundation

The FVL Foundation was established with a special gift in 1967. The original gift of $124,000 required the income from invested funds to be used for tuition assistance. Many generous gifts have expanded the Foundation to over $2.3 million dollars. The Foundation currently supports FVL by providing...

  • funds for tuition assistance
  • funds for faculty continuing education
  • funds for non-budgetary needs at FVL
  • management for the FVL Operating Reserve Fund

Requests for tuition assistance have grown beyond the Foundation's ability to meet the current requests. Additional gifts to the Foundation are needed and appreciated.

The WELS Foundation is our partner, offering planned giving tools for your conveinence.

What is the WELS Foundation?

If you can share the Lord's blessings for this worthwhile cause, contact...Mrs. Martha Baldwin, FVL Director of Operations at 920-739-4441

Christian Estate Planning Seminars

The FVL Foundation & FVL Development Committee sponsor these free educational seminars annually, contact Mr. Robert Fischer for more details.

We recognize that God give us all we have. In thankfulness, we respond to His Grace. We can say "thank you" to our Lord by giving of our time, talent, and tresure in His service.



FVL Foundation Board of Directors

  • Hon. Harold Froehlich, President
  • Mr. Reg Pfeifer, Vice-President
  • Mr. Gary Vanden Heuvel
  • Mr. Merle Weihing, Secretary
  • Mrs. Leigh Thern
  • Mr. Tom Medema
  • Mr. Doug Koplien
  • Mr. Dennis Priebe, Treasurer
  • Mr. Ken Uhlenbrauck
  • Mr. Robert Becker

Member of the FVL Schools Educational & Child Care System

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