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5300 N. Meade Street - Appleton, WI 54913

Local Phone: (920) 739-4441
Toll Free Phone: (866) 454-3857
Fax: (920) 739-4418

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School Administrators & Directors
Principal Mr. Steve Granberg
Director of Mission Advancement Mr. Robert Fischer
Director of Operations Mrs. Martha Baldwin
Assistant Principal Mr. David Voss
Guidance Director Mr. Craig Charron
Activities Director Mr. Shawn Hill
Communications Director Mr. Dave Payne
Curriculum Director Mr. Alan Nolte
Enrollment Director Mr. Ben Priebe
STEM Academy Director Mr. Nathan Nolte
Technology Director Mr. Matthew Schlawin
Academic Resource Director Mrs. Amanda Decoster
FVL Schools Band Director Mr. James Neujahr

Teachers & Departments (alphabetically)
Math Bentz, Mr. Timothy
Spanish, English Bixby, Mrs. Wendy
Foods Black, Mrs. Kristin
Guidance, Psychology Charron, Craig
Spanish, Religion
Foreign Language Dept Coord
Degner, Mr. Isaiah
English, Phy Ed Detjen, Miss Julie
Social Studies, Guidance Gilmet, Mrs. Amy
Math, Technology Eisenmann, Mr. Mark
English Ferge, Mrs. Sarah
English, Phy Ed Frey, Mr. Adam
Science Giddings, Mr. John
Academic English Gregersen, Mrs. Lonette
Social Studies, Guidance Guenterberg, Mr. Tom
English Dept Coord
Hahnke, Mr. Seth
Social Studies Hill, Mr. Shawn
German Keller, Kristine
Guided Studies, At-Risk Program King, Mrs. Donna
Social Studies, Religion Koepsell, Mr. Matthew
Math Dept Coord
Kolander, Mr. David
Math, Phy Ed
Phy Ed Dept Coord
Kramer, Mr. Joel
Religion, Internation Program Krause, Rev. Brad
Technical Arts Krause, Mr. Mark
Economics, Consumer Sciences Mears, Mrs. Brenda
Guided Studies, English Mindock, Mrs. Karie
English Mundt, Miss Sharon
HS & MS Band Neujahr, Mr. James
Math, STEM Academy Nolte, Mr. Alan
Technology, Math, STEM Academy
Practical & Prof Arts Dept Coord
Nolte, Mr. Nathan
English Payne, Mr. Dave
Phy Ed Polley, Miss Jane
Religion Priebe, Mr. Ben
Art Radtke, Mrs. Miranda
Latin Ragner, Rev. Brad 
Science, STEM Academy Retzlaff, Mrs. Jenny
Religion, Latin Schaser, Rev. Erich
Art Schlawin, Mrs. Denise
Math Schlawin, Mr. Matthew
Science Schwerin, Mr. Karl
Social Studies, Religion
Social Studies Dept Coord
Sehloff, Mr. Peter
Spanish Stern, Miss Alyssa
Science Stern, Mr. Ben
Choir, Social Studies
Fine Arts Dept Coord
Vogel, Mr. Dan
Social Studies Voss, Mr. Dave
Religion Dept Coord
Wenzel, Rev. David
Piano, Organ Wenzel, Mrs. Deb
Math Wilson, Anne
Science Dept Coord
Zunker, Mr. Brian

Support Staff (alphabetically)
In-School Subsititute Teacher
Printing Assistant
Berg, Mr. Martin
Event Coordinator Beyer, Mrs. Megan
Business Office Davis, Mrs. Krista
Guidance Office Fowler, Mrs.Rachel
Study Hall Supervisor Gregerson, Mrs. Lonette
Internat'l Program Coordinator Gucinski, Mrs. Laura
Scrip Office Hildeman, Mrs. Judy
School Office Knoll, Mrs. Heather
Enrollment Assistant
FVL Schools Communications Coordinator
Kohls, Mrs. Rylee
Academic Resource Assistant Kolell, Mrs. Kathy
Activities Office Lepke, Mrs. Mari
Study Hall Supervisor Penterman, Mrs. Laurie
School Office - Attendance Peterson, Mrs. Molly
Communications Office Ragner, Mrs. Sharon
Scrip Office VanRossum, Mrs. Cheryl

Maintenance Staff
Facilities Manager Lecker, Mr. Steve
Building Supervisor Miller, Mr. Nathan
Custodian Buss, Mr. Gary
Custodian Holdt, Mr. Aaron
Custodian Kranzusch, Ms. Darlene

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Member of the FVL Schools Educational & Child Care System

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