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Food Service/Menus

food4lifeFox Valley Lutheran High School has partnered with Taher, Inc. to provide excellent and affordable food service for our students. Health studies show that students need proper nutrition to enable them to learn and grow in school. Taher's mission is to provide high quality, nutritionally & economically balanced and appealing menu selections to every FVL student while providing information and education on individual responsibility and the relationship of eating at school and ensuring proper health and wellness.

Our web page aims to provide monthly menus, nutrition information, resource links and info on other special programs. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the food service program, please email or call the Food Service Director any time.

Click to find application for reduced price meals.

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Barb Rivers, Food Service Director
E-Mail Address:  brivers@fvlhs.org
Phone Number: 920-739-4441x5180

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Pay for Lunch Account

  1. You may pay online by way of e-Funds.  To do this, you will need to know your student's account number.  Please find the instructions here.
    • Once you have e-Funds set up, go to your Family Access account and click the "Food Service" tab to find the online payment option.
    • After clicking "Food Service," you will see a listing of payments that have been made on your student's account.
    • At the top of that listing, and to the right of your student's name, you will see links that will go to "View Totals" and "Make a Payment."  The "Make a Payment" link will take you to the e-funds login window.  "View Totals" will show you total payments and food purchases for the year.
  2. Your student may bring a check or cash to the office to have money added to their lunch accounts.
  3. You may send a check to the office which is clearly marked as money for the lunch account and into whose account it should go.

Lunch Account Basics

  1. Students must deposit at $10 in their account at any one time.
  2. Parents can receive notifications when their child's account falls below a certain dollar amount in their Family Access account.


Member of the FVL Schools Educational & Child Care System

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