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 School Administrators & Directors

Interim Principal
Director of Education
Mr. Alan Nolte
Director of Mission Advancement Mr. Jeff Loberger
Interim Director of Operations Mrs. Krista Davis
Assistant Principal Mr. Jeff Uhlenbrauck
Guidance Director Mr. Craig Charron
Activities Director Mr. Shawn Hill
Communications Director Mr. Dave Payne
Director of Enrollment Mr. Ben Priebe
Technology Director Mr. Matthew Schlawin
Media Center Director  

FVL Board of Regents

(& member of Faculty & Staff Committee)
Mr. Paul Knoll
(& Member of Mission Advancement Committee)
Mr. Brian Zuberbier
(& member of Misson Advancement
and Finance
Mr. George Burleton II
(& Chairman of Finance Committee)
Mr. Kevin Rusch
Chairman of Building/Grounds Committee Mr. Tim Braun
Member of Building/Grounds Committee Mr. Cory Retzlaff
Chairman of Academic Program Committee Mr. Steve Hennig
Member of Academic Program Committee  
Member of Faculty & Staff Committee Mr. Gene Strusz
Member of Student Services & Worker Care Committees Rev. Patrick Brown
Member of Student Services Committee Rev. Tim Glende

Member of the FVL Schools Educational & Child Care System

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