School Administrators & Directors

Mr. Jeff Loberger

President, Faculty

Mr. Alan Nolte

Principal, Faculty

Mrs. Krista Davis

Financial Controller, Staff

Mr. Jeffry Uhlenbrauck

Dean of Student Life, Faculty, Advisor (Student Council)

Mr. Craig Charron

Guidance Director, Faculty, Coach (Basketball-JV1 Girls), Advisor (Tutoring Opportunities), Gr 11-12 Guidance Counselor (A-L)

Mr. Shawn Hill

Activities Director, Faculty, Advisor (Peer Leadership Group)

Mr. Dave Payne

Director of Communications, Faculty, Advisor (Fox Folk Marionettes)

Mr. Matt Schlawin

Technology Director, Faculty

Mr. Jay Wendland

Mission Advancement Director, Faculty, Coach (Basketball-V Boys)
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FVL Board of Regents

Board Members
Chairman Mr. Brian Zuberbier
Vice-Chairman Mr. Doug Pollesch
Secretary Mr. Brian Boehm
Treasurer Mr. Kevin Rusch
Chairman of Academic Program Committee Mr. Steve Hennig
Chairman of Building/Grounds Committee Mr. Tim Braun
Chairman of Faculty/Staff Committee Mr. Paul Kolell
Chairman of Finance Committee Mr. Kevin Rusch
Chairman of Mission Advancement Committee Mr. Brian Zuberbier
Chairman of Student Services Committee Dr. Jon Cherney
Chairman of Worker Care Committee Mr. Paul Kolell
Member(s) of Academic Program Committee Mr. Seth Zimmerman
Mr. Nate Gartner
Member of Building/Grounds Committee Mr. Cory Retzlaff
Member(s) of Faculty & Staff Committee Rev. Tim Glende
Mr. Doug Pollesch
Mr. Gene Strusz
Member of Finance Committee Mr. Joel Hermann
Member(s) of Mission Advancement Committee Rev. Pat Brown
Mr. Joel Hermann
Member of Student Services Committee Rev. Pat Brown
Rev. Tim Glende
Mr. Brian Zuberbier
Member of Worker Care Committee Rev. Pat Brown


The Board of Regents is the governing body of Fox Valley Lutheran High School. It consists of elected and appointed members from our Federation who are dedicated to upholding and fulfilling the FVL Mission to prepare students for lives of service and for eternity. 

We thank these volunteers for their service to our school!


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