After FVL


As said in FVL's mission statement, an FVL education prepares teens for "lives of service and  for eternity." But what does a "life of service" look like? 

Many FVL graduates go on to college, where they continue to build on what they learned at FVL and use their gifts to glorify God. FVL alumni have pursued countless areas of study, including Marine Biology, Business, Game Design, Biochemistry, Welding, Education, Exercise Science, and Nursing.

  • Some alumni use their talents in the work force, oftentimes building on their experiences in the Youth Apprenticeship Program. 
  • Still others let their light shine as part of the armed forces, protecting and showing love to their neighbors. 


View which colleges the most recent FVL graduates have attended via the map below!

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Average Graduate Prospects

  • 86% - College (2-year or 4-year)

  • 12% - Employment

  • 3% - Armed Forces