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4 credits required for graduation
4 credits required for college admission

Communication is a gift from God. FVL’s English/Language Arts curriculum will seek to develop growing Christians who are able to clearly comprehend, speak, write, and present the stories of their God and their Christian lives. In addition, the FVL English curriculum aims to develop discerning thinkers who are lifelong learners able to critically analyze and evaluate ideas they encounter in today’s array of media.

  • This curriculum is designed to give students the opportunity to expand and polish reading, writing, research, technology, listening, viewing, and speaking skills while studying a variety of genres.
  • Training in the 6+1 Writing Traits model will assist students to demonstrate proficiency in narrative, reflective, descriptive, persuasive literary analysis writing as well as research writing.
  • Active reading strategies and higher order/critical thinking skills will be emphasized so that students will be able to analyze and interpret readings from different times and cultures in light of God’s Holy Word.
  • Students will learn to make effective use of technology through a variety of presentation formats.
  • All students are required to own A Pocket Style Manual (6th Edition) by Diana Hacker & Nancy Sommers. 

  • Grade 09
  • Grade 10
  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12
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