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ENG-12 - College British Literature (CBLIT)


Grade 12

College Credit Capable
Wisconsin Lutheran College
Dual enrollment option is offered at a cost of $580 for six credits or $290 for three credits. The comparable college courses are Expository Writing (ENG 101) and/or British Literature (ENG 220).

An elective year-long course that prepares students for the challenges of college reading and writing. Study covers a survey of British and world prose and poetry as well as the development of the English language. Genres include poetry, dramas, novels, short stories, and essays. Major works covered include Shakespeare’s Hamlet Macbeth, Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and George Orwell's 1984.

  • Fall semester work includes a thesis-driven literary analysis written outside of class time.
  • Spring semester includes the oral classroom presentation of a major author, as well as a Master Essay.

Students will focus on evaluating the authors’ intent, impact, and philosophies from a Christian viewpoint. Class includes a mythology review unit. Summer reading of two classic literary pieces is required.

  • Prerequisite: B+ or higher in prior academic year English courses and/or teacher approval.  Credit in ALACOM or AAMLIT is required.
  • Recommendation: Highly motivated college-bound seniors
  • Required: No


  • Grade 12
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