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ENG - Language Arts Foundations (LAF1 & LAF2)


LAF1 - Grade 9 - see note below
LAF2 - Grade 10 - only for those in the Student Services Program

This full-year course emphasizes skill building in reading, writing, and study skills. It is designed for students who score a 50% or lower on the ASPIRE English and Reading Test. Emphasis is on developing sentence writing proficiency and reading comprehension. The goal of all course work is to have students move successfully to Language Arts 1 in their subsequent year.

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Required: For students with scores below 50% level on ASPIRE Reading Test
  • Note: Students who score a 40% or lower on the ASPIRE English and Reading Test will be monitored by Student Services

A freshman in Language Arts Foundations 1 (LAF1) is generally not permitted to study a foreign language during his/her freshman year in order to help them establish a strong foundation in English before attempting another language. In special cases, an exception to this may be made with the approval of both the English and Foreign Language departments. If a student is failing a foreign language class after the first semester, he/she will be required to drop the course.


  • Grade 09
  • Grade 10
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