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PPA-BUSFA - College Marketing (CMARK)


Grades 11, 12

College Credit Capable
Wisconsin Lutheran College
Dual enrollment option is offered at a cost of $315 for three credits. The comparable college course is BUS240.

College Marketing is a course taught at Fox Valley Lutheran High School that allows students to earn college credits. 
This course is offered to give students interested in business or a business-related field a greater understanding of how organizations determine the needs of individuals and organizations and develop and market products to meet those needs. The course will teach students the principles of marketing as well as hands-on learning by developing a business marketing plan for an area business or organization.  This class is typically a core business class needed to graduate for a business degree. 

  • Prerequisite:  To take the class for dual enrollment with college credit through WLC, students need a 3.25 GPA.
  • Recommendation: Students interested in pursuing education or employment in a business field. 
  • Required:  No



  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12
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