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Course Descriptions

SCI - College Physics (CPHYS)


Grades 11, 12

College Credit Capable
Advanced Placement (AP) Exam 
Students who take the exam can earn 3-4 college credits, depending on their college of choice and exam score. 

A study of traditional topics from force and motion to nuclear energy with an emphasis on laboratory work and problem-solving. May NOT be taken if credit in Physics has been earned. Being a single-section course, students must meet prerequisites for admission provided below (satisfaction of prerequisites does not guarantee admission into the course).  

Completion of this course would prepare students for the AP Physics exam.

  • Prerequisite: B+ or better grade in all previous math courses, which must include: Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Physical Science, and Biology. An Application for Course Admission must be submitted to the student's counselor. 
  • Recommendation: college-bound students
  • Required: No
  • Note: College-bound students are required to earn 3 science credits, two of which must be what colleges consider "lab sciences" (Biology/College Biology, Chemistry/College Chemistry, or Physics/College Physics). Students should see their counselor for more information.


  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12
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