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Credits Earned Prior to High School

A competency exam will be administed by an FVL teacher from that department to assess whether credit is given for a designated high school course (currently Algebra 1 and Spanish 1) prior to the freshman year at Fox Valley Lutheran. FVL does give direct credit without a placement test for state mandated health classes as part of the public middle school curriculum.

The earned credit will count toward the 26 credits required for graduation from Fox Valley Lutheran High School. However, the grade will not be entered or calculated into the student’s GPA and is graded as “P” for passing.

Colleges review credits prior to high school as part of their review of the application process. Typically colleges will acknowledge one retroactive credit per curricular area. For example, a student who takes Spanish 2 as a freshman will be looked upon by colleges as having 2 credits in a foreign language.


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