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Grading/Report Cards

God asks all His people to work to the best of their abilities. For students, a large part of this means a commitment to doing their best in the classroom. Please refer any questions concerning the grading system to the Guidance Director. 

Details about grading/attendance can be found in the handbook (pages linked below)

 Failing Grades

A failing final mark in any required course must be made up in order to receive a diploma. Failure to make up a required course or to earn the total required credits means a student will receive a certificate of attendance instead of a diploma.

 Report Cards / Final Grades

Semester report cards are mailed after end of semester grade processing is complete. All term and midterm progress reports throughout the semester are available only online through Skyward Family Access program. Login access is shared when a teacher does a home visit before school begins.

Only final semester grades become part of the student's permanent record, and determine a student's class rank and honor roll status. 

 Cumulative Student Records

A cumulative record is kept for each student. This record offers a picture of a student's progress in brief form: grades, grade point average, class rank, test scores, and attendance record. The cumulative record is valuable for placing the student in jobs, schools, and colleges. A written request from a parent (or from the student, if an adult) is required before a transcript of the student's record is sent to an employer or another school. Requests should be directed to the school office or to a guidance counselor. 


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