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Graduation Requirements

To graduate, students must meet these minimum requirement of 26 credits: 

  • English - 4 credits 
  • Fine Arts - 1 credit
  • Health - .5 credit
  • Mathematics - 3 credits
  • Physical Ed. - 1.5 credits
  • Religion - 4 credits
  • Science - 3 credits (Physical Science & Biology required)
  • Social Studies - 3 credits (US History & US Government required)
  • Electives - 4-6 credits

In addition, all seniors must pass the Civics Test according to Wisconsin Law Act 55. This is administered as part of the US Government course.

NOTE: For a class to be counted for credit, a passing grade of D- or better must be earned. Transfer students may be exempted from some requirements.

Students enrolled in the Student Services Program are permitted to graduate with 24 credits as long as all required credits have been earned.


UPDATED 5/31/20

Student teaches in college biology class


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