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Welcome to Guidance!

The counseling and guidance program aids students in developing toward life-long servants of Christ, making the most of the gifts God has given them. In addition to personal counseling, the department is responsible master and student scheduling, standardized testing, academic monitoring and records, and scholarships, among other services. Guidance is also offered for students as they choose an occupation or plan further education or training after high school.

Career and course counseling are offered to assist students with their decision-making process at FVL. Print, video, and computer materials as well as testing, seminars, and visits from college representatives are resources available to our students through the Guidance Department.


Services/Materials Offered:
    • Materials on careers, colleges, technical schools, job opportunities and related electronic resources
    • Information and assistance on college financial aids and scholarships
    • Academic progress reporting
    • Academic records/transcripts
    • Academic course planning and scheduling
    • Standardized testing program (individual and group) to help determine the abilities, achievements and interests of students
    • International student coordination


Which Counselor works with which students?



Guidance Department counselors are prepared to assist FVL students to better understand the many challenges they face during difficult times. Topics can range from friends, teachers, parents, or other personal matters. All are discussed in the strictest of confidence as regulated by law. Students are encouraged to make appointments when possible or to visit with a counselor as immediate needs arise.Group counseling opportunities may also be available throughout the school year.

Due to the serious nature of some problems, referrals may need to be made to such outside agencies as Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Service, and others.


Member of the FVL Schools Educational & Child Care System

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