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Guided Studies

...assisting students in finding high school success!

Fox Valley Lutheran High School wants its students on all levels to succeed. Realizing that many students come to the high school behind their classmates in performance, the Guided Studies program was established in 1999.

Candidates are determined by the Guided Studies teacher (Mrs. Sara Zuberbier) and the principals of each Federation school. These students are individually tested during the summer before freshman year. Those meeting the qualifications of the program receive the necessary individualized help to successfully complete their education at FVL.

For more information on the Guided Studies Program, contact Sara Zuberbier at szuberbier@fvlhs.org or Karie Mindock at kmindock@fvlhs.org.

Outside Class Help

1)  All Guided Studies students have two study halls each day held in the Guided Studies room.

2)  The Guided Studies teacher monitors the progress of each student by . . .

  • requiring students to use assignment notebooks for each class. (Teachers initial each assignment.)
  • weekly grade reports to the students from their teachers.
  • keeping in close contact with other teachers to know upcoming assignments, areas of special help, and any missing assignments.

 Guided Studies Classes

1)  All students signed up for Pre-Algebra are tested. Those who need remedial help take individualized basic math with the Guided Studies teacher. These students are retested at the end of the academic year to see if they are ready to advance to Pre-Algebra.

2)  A senior-level course entitled Individualized Math for Daily Living is available for Guided Studies students.

3)  A senior-level course entitled Communications is available for Guided Studies students.


Student Placement 
in Guided Studies

  1. All placement tests of incoming freshmen are screened to find students who would benefit from the Guided Studies program. Elementary school principals are also consulted about which students would benefit from this special program.
  2. Students scoring below 40% in both the English and Math are individually tested by the Guided Studies teacher to see if placement into the program is appropriate.
  3. To qualify for placement in the Guided Studies program, students are two or more years below grade level in both math and reading.

Member of the FVL Schools Educational & Child Care System

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