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FVL Metals Shop

The FVL Metals Shop opened its classroom doors in August 2016. Construction took place over the summer of that year.  Under the leadership of teacher Mark Krause, the curriculum now includes three courses. Mr. Krause is certified as an instructor through Fox Valley Technical College and FVL students are able to earn FVTC credits through FVL's metals/welding program.



  • Introduction to Mechanical Arts
  • Metals 1
  • Metals 2

  Metals class with welding helmets on

  Metals class with welding helmets off

Students can earn college credit through FVTC!

Boy works on welding project

Metals Class Students in action!

 Boy works on welding project sparks flying

 3 boys work on metals project

 Student works on project sparks flying

 2 students work on metals project


Member of the FVL Schools Educational & Child Care System

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