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Technology and computers are vital elements of the curriculum of Fox Valley Lutheran High School. Each FVL student is issued a Windows laptop to use throughout the school year both in the classroom and at home. Students also have access to state-of-the-art computer labs on campus for courses that require more computing power than the laptops can provide. Wireless network access covers the entire building interior and the campus is served by a 1 Two girls smile looking at laptopGigabit internet connection. 

In addition, every classroom is equipped with a computer teaching station that includes internet access, video networking, desktop computer station, and a video projector. A number of classrooms are also equipped with Smartboard technology.

Students are provided with email service and networked storage space that is accessible from school and hoome via the internet. Students have print access to both black & white and color printers. Concerning computer software, it is FVL's educational philosophy to expose students to the software they will encounter after graduation. A wide variety of classes are offered to meet student computer needs. 

Digital publishing and layout, digital video editing, computer aided design, computer applications, and computer science are all part of the curriculum. The Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Autodesk Inventor are taught in various courses. FVL is also a Google Apps for Education School, so students have access to a wide variety of G-Suite Apps. Teachers make use of various learning management systems to facilitate class learning, including moodle and Google Classroom. 

Parent Access to Student Information

Skyward Student/Family Access gives parents and students with internet access the ability to check on academic progress, plus finance and attendance issues. Parents also are encouraged to subscribe to Foxes' Flashmail, a weekly parent update email service provided by the school.  The school also manages a Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube account for information/promotional purposes.

The school's web site also gives parents easy access to important school information. The daily calendar, maps to area schools, e-mail access to teachers, and much more are available.

All students are provided internet access with the permission of their parent/guardian. The school enforces a strict Internet Policy that describes appropriate use of this tool. Internet access at the school is filtered to minimize access to objectionable sites. The FVL intranet can also be accessed by students from home.

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