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Volunteer Service Program

Service Program Overview

FVL's Volunteer Service Program offers students opportunities to receive non-graded transcript credit for service activities in which they participate. These activities may include volunteer work done for community programs as well as in their church or school community. Examples of qualifying activities are listed below. College admissions personnel and scholarship review committees often consider volunteer activities an important component of an applicant's qualifications.

Biblical Basis 

Gal. 6:10: Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Program Guidelines 

  • Volunteer to participate in  a service activity in your church, school, or community.
  • Log into your x2VOL account via Naviance to record and submit your volunteer hours. (Naviance is an online computer program available to all FVL students to assist them with post-high school planning. The x2Vol (Time to Volunteer) is a part of the Naviance program that tracks service hours. Each student receives training in this program through their guidance counselor.)
  • The x2Vol tool contacts a student's activity supervisor to verify their volunteer hours.
  • Upon verification, Guidance Office staff reviews the information and approves volunteer hours.

Calculation of Volunteer Hours

The number of volunteer activity hours determines the amount of service credits awarded on the student's transcript. The hours are tracked continuously over the years. They may be entered for single events. Multiple activities performed during the same time frame also qualify. (Example: A student might be a Youth Team Coach at the same time they are a Nursing Home volunteer.)

Credits are awarded when the hour thresholds below are reached. 

  • 25 hours:     .25 credit                 
  • 50 hours:     .5 credit               
  • 75 hours:     .75 credit
  • 100 hours:   1 credit

Hours must be submitted in the semester that they occurred to be approved. The previous summer hours count for Semester 1 of the school year that follows.

Hours approved from May 1-Nov. 30 will go on Semester 1 transcripts. Hours approved from Dec. 1-Apr. 30 will go on Semester 2 transcripts. Students can receive more than 1 credit.

Additional Notes

  • Travel time may be considered as part of volunteer time.
  • Activities that are compensated (e.g., church organist) do not qualify.
  • Twenty-five (25) hours is the maximum number of hours that can be claimed per activity per year.  (Example: A student who teaches Sunday School for an hour per week for 36 weeks may only claim 25 hours in volunteer service credit for that school year.)


Examples of
Volunteer Service


  • VBS Teacher/Assistant
  • Usher
  • Yard Work for Shut-Ins
  • Pioneer Helper
  • Office Helper
  • Sunday School Teacher/Assistant
  • Nursery Room Helper
  • Church Cleanup
  • Camp Counselor
  • Youth Team Coach


  • Children's Museum
  • American Cancer Society
  • Special Olympics
  • Volunteer Program at area Hospitals
  • Nursing Home Volunteer 
  • Big Brother/Big Sister


  • Student Council Activities
  • Future Foxes Shadowing
  • Tour Guide
  • FoxFest Helper
  • Promotional Event Leader/Helper
  • Kinderfest Station Leader