Volunteer Service Program

Service Program Overview

FVL's Volunteer Service Program exists to offer students an opportunity to receive non-graded
transcript credit for service activities in which they participate. While enrolled at FVL, students may receive a credit for the time spent serving their Lord as Sunday School teachers, VBS teachers, volunteer activities at FVL, ushers, camp counselors and a variety of other unpaid activities. College admissions personnel and scholarship review committees consider volunteer activities as an increasingly important component of an applicant’s qualifications..

Biblical Basis 

Gal. 6:10: Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Program Guidelines 

  1. Choose a service activity in your church, community, or at FVL. Be sure to obtain the contact information of the adult supervisor for that activity (including their email address).
  2. Log into your Mobile Serve Account to record and submit your volunteer hours. Once hours have been verified by your activity supervisor, a guidance counselor will review the information and approve volunteer hours.

Calculation of Volunteer Hours and Restrictions

  • The number of volunteer activity hours determines the amount of service credits awarded on the student’s transcript. The hours are continuous over 4 years. Students will be given credit at 0.25 credit intervals. 25 hours = 0.25 credits. There is no limit on the number of credits a student can earn from volunteering.
  • Hours approved from the end of the school year through the end of Semester 1 will appear on Semester 1 transcripts. Hours approved from the beginning of Semester 2 through the end of Semester 2 will appear on Semester 2 transcripts. Volunteer hours appear on your transcript as Service Activity credits.
  • Any hours that are not verified by the end of the semester will be rejected.
  • Seniors must have hours submitted and verified by May 1st for credit to be added to their Semester 2 transcripts.
  • Students are encouraged to monitor volunteer hours monthly, during Naviance Training.
  • Activities that are compensated (i.e. church organist), or where non-monetary gains are received (Fans of Foxes), do not qualify.
  • You can include up to 3 hours of travel per volunteer activity.
  • For extended opportunities (camps, mission trips), only hours spent volunteering will be counted.
  • Additional information might be requested. Claims can not exceed 15 hours/day.
  • Parents may only be used to verify activities when they were the direct supervisor. Students may not be a verifier.

Revised November 2023


Examples of
Volunteer Service


  • Usher
  • Sunday School Teacher/VBS Volunteer
  • Camp Counselor


  • Children's Museum
  • American Cancer Society
  • Special Olympics


  • NHS/Peer Leadership Group/Student Council Activities
  • Future Foxes Shadowing
  • Tutoring
  • Sports Manager