Fox Folk Marionettes

The Fox Folk Marionettes offer FVL students the opportunity to artistically express their talents through the medium of puppetry. The ultimate goal is to offer this unique performing art to the FVL Family & the Fox River Valley community while honoring the storied history of this puppet collection. The Fox Folk repertoire focuses on folk tales that provide unique insights into the great teachings of the Bible. 

Photo of fairy tale marionettes

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This group is includes the original members of the Fox Folk Marionette Troupe

Original members of the Fox Folk Marionette Troupe included Mr. Dave Payne, J. Evenson, A. Loewenhagen, J. Wierschke, J. Waack, J. Hammond, M. Mortenson, A. Houser, T. Lemke, & Mrs. M. Levich.

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