Whether you are deciding on a high school or have already enrolled, there are a lot of questions that come up when moving into high school!  

We have pulled together questions we hear frequently and hope the answer to your question is on the list!  If we missed your question, please contact the Admissions Office. We are here to help!

Joe Blum

Admissions Office

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Once school starts I am sure I will have even more questions.  Can I talk to someone?
Every year, in late August or early September, we offer "Orientation for Parents of Freshmen and of new Students." Parents are walked through the website, learn how to login to find their child's grades and lunch balance, and are given resources for more information. This is a great opportunity to ask questions!

I don't know my child's teachers - is there any way I can meet them?
The same night as our "Orientation" (referred to above), we also have what is called "Meet Your Teachers." Parents of all students - new and veteran - are encouraged to join us for an opportunity to walk through your child's schedule. Teachers introduce themselves and their classes. They let you know what will be expected of your child for the class.


Orientation Day