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Home School Information

Welcome to Fox Valley Lutheran High School, where our caring, qualified faculty are dedicated to teaching every subject in the light of God's Word, and to helping your child develop academically, spiritually, socially, and physically. Over the past decade, FVL has assisted many home school families with helping their teens achieve their educational goals.


   Activities at FVL for home school students!

FVL offers activities for grade school-age home school students throughout the year, including special play performances, Fox Trek events for 5-6th grade students, and Discover FVL day for 7th-8th grade students. Other opportunities include our FVL Schools Middle School Band ProgramYouth Sports camps/activities*, and a variety of Summer Camps.  We welcome home school students to participate in these events.

* NOTE: Interscholastic high school sports are governed by WIAA rules which do not allow for non-enrolled students to participate. Youth Sports programs apply only to elementary school level activities.


   Passport Program!

FVL offers an exciting Passport Program that is open to all children in kindergarten through 8th grade. The FVL Passport is a free ticket to FVL Theatre Productions (not including grade school performances), FVL Musicfest, and qualifying home sporting events. Find out more about this program here!


   Registration forms for activities during the 2018-2019 School Year
      • 8th Grade Welcome Night - October 29
      • Fall play - October 17 - The Election
      • Spring Musical - March 5 - Crazy For You
      • 2nd Grade Tour - November 14 or February 6
      • 6th Grade Fox Trek - December 4, December 5, January 29, or January 30
      • Discover FVL! 7th Grade Students - March 14 
        Information will be available 1 month before this event


   Academic excellence at FVL

ACT scores at FVL are consistently among the highest in the Fox River Valley. Ninety percent of our students go on to higher education. In 2013-14, members of our graduating class of seniors were offered over $4 million in scholarships, grants, and aid for post-secondary education. Students of all ability levels find success at FVL. Our Guided Studies and At-Risk programs make sure that no students "fall between the cracks."  Courses in all academic disciplines are offered for college credit. Click here for more information.


   What if my student doesn't know anyone at FVL?

Students attend FVL come across the Fox River Valley and around the world. Our safe, nurturing environment affords all students a chance to make many new friends. While some enroll along with their best buddies, we find that many enjoy the opportunity to create a new circle of friends. The wide array of cocurricular offerings provides our students a way to be involved and meet new people with common goals and interests. From athletics to music and art, from a math team to robotics to marionettes, check out the opportunities.


   Tuition & Finances

Current tuition rates can be found here. Tuition rates are set annually by the school's General Board at its February meeting. Tuition rates for students from our federation of 42 supporting churches receive their education at a lower rate because of the $2,800 per student support provided by those congregations. Many families take advantage of our SCRIP  and United Community programs to lower tuition costs for their students.

As of the fall of 2014, FVL has been participating in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. This program may provide home school families who meet the income standards to have their child attend FVL and have their tuition costs entirely covered. Click here for more information. 


   Can students of other faiths attend FVL?

Each year students from a variety of faiths here in the Fox River Valley and from across the world attend FVL. We meet personally with each family to be sure that FVL will be able to serve the educational and spiritual needs of these students.


   Do students of other faiths need to take religion classes at FVL?

As a Christian school, the teachings of the Bible are integral to the education offered to every student. All students enrolled at FVL are expected to actively participate in religion classes and our daily chapel activities. For more info about this aspect of FVL, click here.


   Information about FVL Schools

You can find out more about the FVL Schools System and all of their activities here.

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