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Paying for High School

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Your child's education and faith are important to you and to us! A lot of care is taken to make an FVL education available to as many students as possible.

Over 50% of our families are receiving tuition help from the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program or tuition assistance. Additional families receive aid from their congregations and extended family. And, that doesn't include other funds that help pay for education like participation in the SCRIP Program, reduced price meals, and the Ladies Guild Memorial Scholarship.

Explore your options and talk to us. We will do what we can to help make this educational opportunity available to your family.

If you don't find answers to your questions, please contact President Jeffrey J. Loberger. He's happy to help!

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Financial Aid is Available

  • Over $300,000 is given in tuition assistance every year!
  • FVL pledges to assist families in working through the financial challenges of investing in a Christian high school education for their child(ren).
  • Thousands of families have been able to fulfill their dreams of a Christian high school education due to the dedicated work of the FVL Endowment Fund and generous donors.
  • Financial Aid is available both for FVL Federation families and for families from the community.

What if our Family Runs into Financial Problems During the Year?

We pray this doesn't happen, but if financial challenges—loss of income, family illness or accident, disability—arise during the school year, please contact the President as soon as possible.

Resources to Minimize Tuition Costs

  • FVL SCRIP Program
    Start an account to save for the future — 
    can be started as soon as the child is born!
  • Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP)
    A WI state program that provides full tuition scholarships for financially qualified families
  • FVL Federation Congregation Assistance
    Several FVL church partners offer tuition support for member families — check with your local congregation.
  • Extended Family Support
    Sometimes grandparents or other family members actively support tuition expenses.
  • FVL Tuition Assistance Program
    FVL offers tuition grants to qualified families who need help to fully fund tuition costs.
  • Ladies Guild Memorial Scholarship
    Scholarship grants available annually to freshmen and other new students who value Christian high school education
  • Payne Memorial Ministry Scholarship
    Annual scholarship grants available to sophomores, juniors, & seniors interested in pursuing WELS ministry after high school
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