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Ladies Guild Memorial Scholarship

The application window opens on February 1 for the 2024-25 school year.

Annual Tuition Grants for new Students

Given in honor of the many dedicated women who honored FVL with their voluntary service and financial gifts from the 1950s through today.

To be eligible, the student needs to:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time FVL freshman or new student for the coming school year.
  • Demonstrate financial need according to the guidelines established for FVL financial aid and verified through the FACTS application process.
  • Write a 250-word application essay on the value that you – as a student – have found in Christian education. 
  • Submit the essay to


Please note:

  • Submission deadline for the completed application coincides with the FVL Tuition Assistance deadline.
  • Applicants will be notified of grant awards by June. 
  • Any applicant that receives a voucher through School Choice must forfeit the scholarship.


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Scholarship Essay Writing Guidelines:
All essays should . . .

  • clearly answer the essay question below.
  • be 250 words or less.
  • be typed double-spaced with 1-inch margins.
  • be well-organized and follow basic rules of punctuation, spelling, and grammar.
  • be emailed to within the application window.

Essay Question:

In 250 words or less, describe what your Christian education has meant to you and why would you like to continue your Christian education at Fox Valley Lutheran High School.

FVL Ladies Guild Financial Aid Fund

The FVL Ladies Guild Financial Aid Fund is an endowment fund established as a memorial to the FVL Ladies Guild and their dedicated service to the high school from 1953-2012.  The fund was established in November 2011 with an initial gift of $10,000. The purpose of this fund is to provide tuition assistance, especially to new families and those sending their first child to FVL.  

The fund is to be managed by FVL as a segregated fund.  Grants of up to $500 will be provided annually from the earnings of the fund; the start-up gift of $10,000 is to stay intact. Grants are to be made at the recommendation of the FVL President to the Tuition Assistance Committee at their annual spring financial aid meeting. A minimum of two grants will be provided at the annual spring financial aid meeting. 

The school is to use this initial gift as seed money to build a higher endowment to assist families and to hold an annual appeal to continue to build the assets of this fund.

Date: January 24, 2012
Revised: June 8, 2020

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