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Placement Tests

Your child's success is important to us! To help achieve placement in the appropriate class, several placement tests have been set up.  


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REQUIRED FOR ALL FRESHMEN - ACT Aspire and Math Diagnostic Tests

Why is the ACT Aspire Test required?

This is a nationally recognized assessment test in the areas of English, mathematics, reading, and scientific reasoning. It is designed to help track overall learning and curriculum trends. It can be taken as young as the 3rd grade, and ends with the ACT test taken as a high school junior. 

Analyzing these results help FVL determine course placement. They also help our grade schools see where their students are strong and what areas might need some work. It is a valuable tool to track individual student progress as well as overall trends in schools.

Check the official ACT Aspire Test website for more information.

Why is the FVL Math Diagnostic Test required?

While the ACT Aspire Test helps with math placement, it does not allow students to show their work as they are working through the problems. 

The FVL Math Diagnostic Test allows your child to show their work. This helps the math department more accurately assess and suggest appropriate placement for your child.

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REQUIRED FOR SOME FRESHMEN - English and Spanish Placement Tests 

English Placement Test

This test is only required for students who did not and will not be able to take the ACT Aspire test.

Spanish Placement Test 

This test is only required for students who wish to bypass Spanish 1 and be scheduled directly into Spanish 2.


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Students who have an active Individual Education Plan, Individual Services Plan, or 504 Plan, may benefit from further testing to create a successful individualized plan for the student. This testing is completed in late May into June and is done on a 1:1 basis.

Please contact Mrs. Sara Zuberbier to schedule testing.