Transfer Students

Fox Valley Lutheran High School welcomes transfer students! Special efforts are made to assist in their adjustment to their new school setting.

  • School counselors and teachers strive to help make the adjustment quick and easy as students discover new friends and new interests.
  • Athletes transferring from area high schools are reminded that WIAA Rules apply to all transfers. For further information on sports eligibility, contact Activities Director Shawn Hill.
  • Check our FAQ Page for required documents and important athletics information.
  • Do you have  additional questions?
    Please contact our Admissions Office! They can gather information that is appropriate to your situation, and are looking forward to hearing from you!

    Please phone or email . . .
    Local Phone: 920-739-4441
    Email - Admissions Office


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Enrollment Process

  1. Contact the Admissions Office to set up a meeting and/or tour.
    This gives you the chance to find out more about FVL and the transfer process, and to get your questions answered.
  2. Complete the Enrollment Application.
  3. Work through the transfer checklist.


Welcome to FVL!