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Alumni Alive Project Vote

Voting Begins Homecoming Weekend  
Who gets to vote, and for what?

This is the beginning of an exciting new alumni effort. Those who contributed to FVL Alumni Alive since July are eligible to vote on how 25% of those donations will be used. Thank you to all who have contributed to FVL Alumni Alive!

You can still have your vote counted! Donate online or during the festivities on Homecoming weekend to be eligible to choose the project. Note that 25% of donations given to Alumni Alive during this entire school year will continue to increase this fund.

Did you misplace the July letter with alumni news and donation details? Check out the information on our Restructured page or download the letter.


Voting Options for Donors

As of September 27, 2019, the total going toward our project is $1,145. 

On the ballot, you will be able to rank the options from 1-4, with your top pick as 1. 
Check out the options below!

  • 2 Sets of plyometric boxes for weight room ($600)
  • Scrimmage vests for soccer program ($650) 
  • C-Pen Reader for Guided Studies ($250)
  • Update indoor signage ($1,000)


Member of the FVL Schools Educational & Child Care System

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