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Building and Grounds Projects

This list of Building and Grounds Projects covers both short and long range projects on our campus. Many deal with our athletic facilities. FVL always strives to give students the best resources in the most economical way possible. To accomplish these projects, volunteer time, talent, and funding is needed.


  • Resurface courts and add drain tile (will consider full replacement)
  • Replace Windscreen
  • Replace Hitting Board 

Soccer Fields

  • Repair soil and playing surface on varsity field 
  • Add bleacher signs
  • Install nets behind goals
  • Add signs on fences


  • Re-crown field (2018-19)
  • Upgrade stadium front entrance
  • Upgrade concession stand/bathroom (w/ front entrance)
  • Add to the south end of the current storage shed
  • Repair, remodel, and enlarge press box
  • Replace sound system

Baseball/Softball Fields

  • Repair fencing, add infield mix, and replace bases - baseball
  • Drain tile system (4000') - baseball
  • Install lights - baseball and softball fields
  • Install permanent dugouts - softball
  • Install synthetic infield grass - baseball
  • Install warning track - baseball
  • Remodel/Upgrade to Concession Stand - add pressbox as second level, remodel first level
  • Build bathroom facility
  • Install black vinyl fencing and backstop netting
  • Update batting cages - baseball and softball
  • Bullpens - upgrade home and add visitor
  • Add irrigation system to softball and JV fields


  • New layer to increase life (potential complete replacement needed)
  • Move fence out on turn #2
  • Move discus throw to north side

Parking Lot

  • Resurface/replace parking lot

School Vehicles

  • Replace school van - 10 passenger only


  • Remove bushes by Bell Tower Entrance
  • Outdoor Classroom - add sitting wall and drainage tiles
  • FVL seal at Bell Tower Entrance - clean and seal

If you are able to help with one or more of these projects, please contact Facilities Manager, Tyler Techlin at ttechlin@fvlhs.org or phone 920-560-5182.


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