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Cocurricular Activities


Art Club...
is a group that meets regularly to develop their artistic talents.

Book Club...
is a group of students who love to read books, discuss the different selections, and participate in activities related to the love of literature.

Chapel Organists...
are student musicians who volunteer their musical talents to enrich the worship of the school's daily chapel services by playing the organ.

Choraliers...Pops Megan
are a select group of singers/dancers who perform for functions within the Federation and the community. Participation is by audition.

The Cross and Crown...
is the school yearbook. The yearbook summarizes the annual school activities in picture and story for the student body and provides staff members with a journalistic experience.

eSports Club...
allows students to participate in competitive video games. There will be a fall and spring season. This club is new for the 2019-20 school year!


provides students an opportunity to develop talent and gain experience in a varied program of public speaking participation in local and state tournaments

Fox Folks Marionettes...Closeup of Marionette Wisemen
is one of the few active marionette troupes in the state of Wisconsin. This group was created with the donation of nearly 50 marionettes from Bruce & Barbara Purdy and All Saints' Episcopal Church of Appleton. Performances include events such as FVL's Winterfest and other community venues.  View photos & learn more about this group.

FVL Theatre...
offers students the chance to perform plays and musicals on stage. Plays, children's theatre, and musicals are offered on a rotating basis with two productions staged each year. Stage roles are awarded by audition. Students can also get involved in set construction, make-up/costuming, sound/lighting and musician roles.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)...
is a nationally recognized club organized to prepare members for careers in business and to assist them in becoming better employees and citizens. Students practice business scenarios and compete in regional and state competition. They also go on business tours, attend networking events, and do community service projects.

Jazz Ensemble...
provides student musicians an additional opportunity to develop their talents. An annual concert is offered each spring along with other performances during the year including Solo/Ensemble competition.

The Math Club...
is a group for students who are interested in developing their math skills. This club is a perennial contender in the Fox Valley Math League championship and also sponsors the annual FVL Math Bowl for the FVL Schools middle school students.

National Honor Society...
is active with many service projects each year. Induction is held each fall for juniors and seniors. Eligibility is based on their academic standing and qualities of leadership, service, and good character. Students accepting NHS nomination pledge to maintain high standards in these areas throughout their high school career.

Outdoor Club...
provides students with an opportunity to enjoy God's creation through outdoor adventure, environmental education, and service. Activities range from cross country skiing to backpacking to an extended summer trip. A current project is FVL's community garden.

Peer Leadership Group (PLG)...
provides students with the opportunity to learn Christian leadership skills and apply them within the student body, local congregations, and the community. This group also assists the school in organizing promotional activities with area elementary school students.

Sound and Light Team (SALT)...
works behind the scenes at major events staged at the school. Whether on stage in the gym, commons, or auditorium, members of this group can be found setting up microphones, speakers, or making sure the lights are set just right for the key scene.

Student Council...Student council serves sandwiches
provides students the opportunity to take part in the student government. This group, including representatives from all grade levels, organizes the social events and more! Homecoming, Prom, dances, blood drives, clothing drives and more are all managed by the Student Council.

Trapshooting Club...
allows FVL students to complete against other clubs from around the state in the sport of trapshooting. While guns are used in the sport, they are not allowed on campus, including in vehicles that are on campus.

Tutoring Opportunities...
are arranged by the FVL Guidance Department for students who may need additional help in their classwork. Tutoring sessions typically take place during study halls and are offered by volunteers from the National Honor Society or other students selected by the guidance counselors.

VEX Robotics...
brings together students who are interested in engineering. Student teams design and build a robot that competes against other robots.



    • Baseball (Boys - Spring)
    • Basketball (Boys & Girls - Winter)
    • Cheer Squad (Fall & Winter)
    • Cross Country (Boys & Girls - Fall)
    • Dance Team (Fall & Winter)
    • Football (Boys - Fall)
    • Golf (Girls - Fall & Boys - Spring)
    • Hockey (Boys & Girls - Winter)
    • Soccer (Boys - Fall & Girls - Spring)
    • Softball (Girls - Spring)
    • Tennis (Girls - Fall & Boys - Spring)
    • Track (Boys & Girls - Spring)
    • Volleyball (Girls - Fall)
    • Wrestling (Boys - Winter)


Advisor Guide

Art Club
Mrs. Denise Schlawin

Book Club
Mrs. Karie Mindock

Chapel Organists
Mrs. Deb Wenzel

Mr. Dan Vogel

Cross & Crown (yearbook)
Miss Julie Detjen

Mr. Nathan Nolte

Mr. Seth Hahnke
Mrs. Kathleen Kolell

Fox Folk Marionette Troupe
Mr. Dave Payne

FVL Theatre
Mrs. Wendy Bixby
Mr. Seth Hahnke
Miss Sharon Mundt
Mr. Matthew Foxen
Mr. James Neujahr (orchestra)
Mr. Nathan Nolte (sound/set)
Mr. Dan Vogel (vocals)

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
Mrs. Brenda Mears

Jazz Ensemble
Mr. James Neujahr

Math Club
Mrs. Kathy Stern

National Honor Society
Mrs. Amy Gilmet

Outdoor Club
Mr. Isaiah Degner
Mr. Mark Krause
Mr. Ben Stern

Peer Leadership Team
Mr. Isaiah Degner
Miss Lauren Ewings
Mrs. Jenny Retzlaff 

Sound And Light Team (SALT)
Mr. Tim Fischer
Mr. Nathan Nolte
Miss Alyssa Stern

Student Council
Mr. Jeff Uhlenbrauck

Trapshooting Club
Mr. Paul Calmes

Tutoring Opportunities
Mr. Craig Charron
Mrs. Amy Gilmet
Mrs. Laura Gucinski
Mr. Tom Guenterberg

VEX Robotics
Mr. Tim Fischer
Mr. Nathan Nolte


Boys'/Girls' Athletics

V - Mr. Joel Kramer
JV1 - Rev. Aaron Dolan
JV2 - Mr. Jim Kossow

Basketball (Boys)
V - Mr. Nick Karbula
JV1 - Mr. Mark Eisenmann
JV2 - Mr. Brian Zunker

Basketball (Girls)
V - Rev. Dave Wenzel
JV1 - Mr. Craig Charron
JV2 - Mr. Joey Koenig

Cheer Squad
V - Mrs. Brittney Bohlen

Cross Country (Boys & Girls)
V - Mr. Pete Sehloff

Dance Team
V - Mrs. Katelynn Dorn

V - Mr. Seth Jaeger
JV1 - Rev. Brad Krause
JV2 - Mr. Mark Eisenmann

Golf (Boys)
V - Rev. Robert Balza

Golf (Girls)
V - Mr. Dave Kolander

Hockey (Boys)
V - Mr. Chris Van Zeeland

Hockey (Girls)
V - Mr. Jeff Fox

Soccer (Boys)
V - Rev. Erich Schaser
JV1 - Mr. Ryan Lemke
JV2 - Mr. Tom Nogar

Soccer (Girls)
V - Mr. Ben Stern
JV - Mr. Andy Blum

V - Mrs. Anne Wilson

Tennis (Boys)
V - Mr. Dave Kolander

Tennis (Girls)
V - Mr. Rodger Segelstrom

Track (Boys & Girls)
V - Mr. Isaiah Degner
V - Mrs. Jennifer Retzlaff

V - Mrs. Wendy Bixby
JV1 - Mrs. Kathy Stern
JV2 - Mrs. Anne Wilson

V - Mr. Karl Schwerin

Member of the FVL Schools Educational & Child Care System

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