Questions and Answers

  1. What is Esports ?
    Esports is an interscholastic competition with video games. Teams from different high schools play matches against each other online.

  2. What games are played?
    Lots of different video games are used for Esports. We use the games played by the Wisconsin High School Esports Association (WIHSEA) for our Esports program ( Currently those include:
    Rocket League (PC)
    Overwatch (PC)
    Super Smash Brothers (Switch)

    Players may choose to use whatever controller hardware they prefer for each game.

  3. When are the games played?
    Fall/Winter season runs from October through January.
    Spring season runs from February through May.
    Games are and practices are after school at FVL, usually Mondays-Wednesdays until 5:30. 


  4. Who can be on the FVL Esports team?
    FVL Esports is an FVL co-curricular, like any other sports team or competitive group at FVL. Any FVL student in good academic standing is able to participate on the team. Some things to note:
    Team members must stay academically eligible.

    FVL Training Rules apply.

    All team members must remember at all times that they are representing FVL and their Savior.
    Inappropriate behavior, comments, cheating, or anything else that reflects badly on the team or FVL will not be tolerated and will be cause for suspension or dismissal from the team.

  5. How many people are on the team?
    Team sizes vary by game, but are between 3 and 6 players. We have one Varsity team per game and depending on interest can have one or more JV teams.

  6. How will teams be chosen?
    Team members tryout at practice and the Varsity team is chosen from the best players. All team members can continue to practice with the team throughout the season and can work their way onto the Varsity team as their skill improves.

  7. Do I need to buy anything to be on the team?
    There are no required expenses for team members, but there are some optional items. Varsity team members for Overwatch need to purchase their own game license. Team members may bring in and use their own controllers and other equipment. Team members may purchase their own customized team jersey.

  8. What other things can team members do besides play games?
    There will be more opportunities besides just playing the games, and team members may do these in addition to or instead of playing the games.

    Some examples include:
    Student Coach
    Shoutcaster (live-stream commentator)
    Team Manager

  9. Have another question?
    Email or speak with Esports Program Director Nathan Nolte (
Group of esports team members
esports team with trophy and medals