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College Credit Capable Courses

Dual Enrollment 

Dual enrollment courses enable our students to take a college level class at FVL, receive credit at FVL for the course, and to possibly get college credit at the same time. A university fee is required before the student will receive college credit, but it costs less than it would to take the equivalent course at that university. Minimum requirements must be met to earn college credit.

  • College British Literature - Wisconsin Lutheran College

  • College PreCalculus UW Oshkosh (CAPP)
  • College Calculus 1 - UW Oshkosh (CAPP)
  • College Calculus 2 - UW Oshkosh (CAPP)

  • College Health - UW Oshkosh (CAPP)
  • College Active Lifestyle - UW Oshkosh (CAPP)

  • College Biology - UW Oshkosh (CAPP)
  • College Chemistry - UW Oshkosh (CAPP)

  • College Economics - UW Oshkosh (CAPP)
  • College Psychology - UW Oshkosh (CAPP)
  • College US History - Wisconsin Lutheran College

  • College Music Theory - UW Oshkosh (CAPP)
  • College Music and Culture - UW Oshkosh (CAPP)

  • Maintenance and Light Repair 1 - Fox Valley Technical College
  • Maintenance and Light Repair 2 - Fox Valley Technical College
  • Maintenance and Light Repair 3 - Fox Valley Technical College
  • Maintenance and Light Repair 4 - Fox Valley Technical College
  • Auto MLR Internship 1 - Fox Valley Technical College
  • Auto MLR Internship 2 - Fox Valley Technical College

  • Welding and Fabrication - Fox Valley Technical College
  • Welding and Metal Sculptures - Fox Valley Technical College
  • Welding for Industry - Fox Valley Technical College

  • College Personal Finance - UW Oshkosh (CAPP)
  • College Introduction to Business - UW Oshkosh (CAPP)

Transcripted Credit

Transcripted credit courses at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) can be received if students achieve both a minimum course grade and end-of-course assessment score. Additional college fees are required to obtain credit.

  • Introduction to Engineering Design 
  • Principles of Engineering 
  • Aerospace Engineering 
  • Computer Science Essentials 
  • Computer Science Principles 
  • Principles of Biomedical Science 
  • Human Body Systems

Advanced Placement Prep

Advanced Placement (AP) Prep classes prepare our students for the AP testing program through which they can potentially test out of college courses.

  • College Physics



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