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General Course Information

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Fox Valley Lutheran High School (FVL) offers a rich and varied selection of courses in both required and elective subject areas. The school is a member of the Wisconsin Association of Lutheran High Schools, is listed in the Wisconsin Non-Public School Directory published by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and has been accredited through Wisconsin Association of Non-public Schools (WANS). FVL voluntarily meets or exceeds all Wisconsin state educational requirements.


Class Loads

Seven courses (7 credits) with one study hall is considered the typical class load for students. Students who average A's and B's are normally scheduled for 7 classes. Students who experience academic difficulty may request a lighter course load.

Students need to be aware that they may be enrolled in classes requiring research, collaboration and/or some type of computer work outside of class. If a student carries eight classes with no study hall during a semester, it is assumed that a student will fulfill class requirements before or after the school day, if necessary.



Daily assignments are given in most classes.  Homework amounts will vary according to a student's class load and ability. Success in education requires effective study habits. Excellent "how-to-study" manuals, books, and Internet and computer helps are available in the library or through the Guidance office and in the Guidance link on the FVL web page (www.fvlhs.org). Do not be surprised if more homework is required on the high school level to maintain grades similar to those received in elementary or junior high school.


Report Cards/Grading

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