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Pre-College Track

Our increasingly specialized society highly values post-high school education.  Approximately 95% of FVL’s graduates attend colleges, universities or technical schools to pursue their career goals.

Students planning to attend college should be sure to discuss their plans and schedule with the Guidance counselor as early as possible in their high school careers.  For students considering college, the following are minimal recommendations:

    4 years of English
    3 years of math (a math course during senior year preferred)
    3 years of science (2-3 lab sciences)
    3-4 years of social studies
    at least 2-3 years of the same foreign language (4 years for some high-level institutions) 

    1. Academically, a student should strive to rank in the upper half of his/her class and/or have a B average or better to be accepted for admission and to succeed.
    2. The student should strive for involvement in volunteer and service activities at school, church and or community.
    3. The student will take either the American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in April or June of the junior year.  This may be retaken during September, October or December of the senior year, if necessary.
    4. The student should take the initiative in making personal contact with the college or university of choice, and follow its recommendations for course scheduling.


For students desiring a college education without a specific career plan in mind, the Guidance Department recommends the following general areas of study: 

      • Freshman: Religion (1 credit), English & Literature (1 cr.), Math* (1 cr.), History 1 or Geography (1 cr.), Foreign Language (1 cr.), Health (.5 cr.), Computer Basics (.5 cr.), Physical Science (1 cr.) and an Elective (.5 cr.).
      • Sophomore: Religion, English, Math*, Biology, History 1/2 or Geography (if not take in gr. 9), Foreign Language, Computer Applications, Physical Education, specialized electives
      • Junior: Religion, English, US History, Foreign Language, Honors Chemistry or Chemistry/Honors Physics or Physics/Earth Science, Math*, Physical Education, specialized electives
      • Senior: Religion, English, US Government, Foreign Language, Psychology/Economics or Contemporary Issues, Honors Chemistry or Chemistry/Honors Physics or Physics/Earth Science/ Biology 2**, Math*, Physical Education, specialized electives


*Math progression: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus (teacher approval then Calculus OR Math Applications) without Calculus to follow

**Must have Honors Chemistry or Chemistry during junior year as prerequisite.



Exclusive Institutions

If you are interested in attending a school which is very selective, such as UW-Madison, MSOE, an Ivy League school or the like, take into consideration the chart below.  Displayed are the minimum number of courses required in different categories as well as what is typical of those who are accepted. 

    Minimum for Application is 4 
    Typical for Admission is 4+

Math ( minimum Algebra 1)
    Minimum for Application is 3
    Typical for Admission is 4+

Social Studies
    Minimum for Application is 3
    Typical for Admission is 4

    Minimum for Application is 3
    Typical for Admission is 4

Single Foreign Language
    Minimum for Application is 2
    Typical for Admission is 4

PE and Health
    Minimum for Application is 2
    Typical for Admission is 2

Additional Academic & Fine Arts
    Minimum for Application is 2
    Typical for Admission is 2+

Total Units
    Minimum for Application 17
    Typical for Admission 24+


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