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Bulletin Announcements


Dates to run: June 16-July 7

The FVL SCRIP Office is open for summer hours every Mon., Weds., and Thurs., from 8 AM - 2 PM. For the week of July 4th, both the School Office and the SCRIP Offices will be open on Monday (7/1), but closed the remainder of the week. The School Office summer hours are 8 AM – 2 PM Monday – Thursday. All offices are closed Fridays until August.

Dates to run: June 16-July 7

FVL no longer sends a print summer newsletter. All information is being shared through Foxes Flashmail, Skyward Family Access emails, and the FVLHS News App. Please direct any questions to Heather Knoll at hknoll@fvlhs.org in the School Office or phone her at 920-739-4441. 

Dates to run: June 16-July 21 

With a number of staffing changes taking place, FVL is hiring several positions this summer. Application deadlines will vary. Please go to fvlhs.org for job descriptions and application details. 

Dates to run: June 16 - July 21 

FVL's International Program NEEDS host families--especially those willing to host male students. Students stay for 9 months and pay their own expenses. Families receive a $6500 stipend to offset costs. Contact Monica at muhlenbrauck@fvlhs.org

Dates to run: June 16 - July 21 

FVL's Alumni Alive is hosting two days of 3-on-3 Basketball Tournaments the weekend of 8/2 & 8/3. Entry is open to any students from grades 5 and up. Women’s and men’s divisions are planned. To register your team, go to fvlhs.org for details. 

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