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Bulletin Announcements

Dates to run: March 24

Students who have FVL Passports to submit can mail their entries to FVLHS, ATTN: Ben Priebe. Deadline to receive entries is March 27. They may also be dropped off at the FVL School Office

Dates to run: March 24 & 31

All are invited to attend the FVL Choirs Sacred Concert on Sunday, March 31 at 6 PM in the auditorium. 

Dates to run: March 24-April 7

FVL’s annual Electronics Recycling event will be April 12-13. Some costs may apply. Details will be posted at fvlhs.org as they become available. 

Dates to run: March 24-April 14

FVL Tuition Help: Applications for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) and FVL’s Tuition Assistance program are open until 4/20. WPCP offers families the chance to have their student’s FVL tuition fully funded. Incoming 9th graders, homeschoolers, or public school transfers are eligible. Families who don’t meet WPCP eligibility are encouraged to apply to FVL’s Tuition Assistance program. Details and eligibility charts are at fvlhs.org. Questions? Email hknoll@fvlhs.org.

Dates to run: March 24-April 14

Ladies Guild Memorial Scholarship offers grants of up to $500 to new FVL freshmen or incoming upperclassmen who demonstrate financial need and a love of Christian education. Deadline is April 20. Details at fvlhs.org.

Dates to run: March 24-April 14

FVL’s Spring Band Concert is Sunday, April 14 at 2 PM. All are welcome. 

Dates to run: March 24-April 21

Register now for FVL's 2019 Summer Camps! Sports camps plus options for Art, Engineering, Computer Science, and Band are offered. Find out more by clicking on the "FVL Summer Camps" link at fvlhs.org.

Dates to run: April 7 & 14

FVL's Easter Recess is planned for April 19-April 22. 

Dates to run: April 7-21

All incoming FVLHS freshmen should plan on taking the ASPIRE test. Most are taking this at their grade school. If it is not offered at your school, the test is being offered at FVL on April 27 from 9 AM-12:45 PM. FVL covers the cost. Contact rfowler@fvlhs.org with questions.

Dates to run: April 7-28

FVL's Future Freshmen Night is April 29 at 7 PM. This hour-long event helps incoming students make the most of high school. It is designed for all registered 8th graders & their parents as well as those still undecided. No registration. 

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