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Welcome to Fox Valley Lutheran High School! Our caring, qualified teachers are dedicated to shining the light of God's Word in every subject. FVL will help your teen to develop academically, spiritually, socially, and physically. Each year FVL's student body includes many community friends outside the FVL Federation, who once attended a home school, an area private school, or a local public school.

In a typical year, FVL has over 100 students enrolled from local public, private, and homeschools.


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Field Trips to FVL for Schools and Homeschools

FVL offers activities and field trips for preschool, elementary, and middle school students throughout the school year. 

Click the yellow boxes below to see a pop-up with more information and reservation links.

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9:45-11:30 AM
- Fri. 11/7/24
- Fri. 11/15/24
- Fri. 11/21/24
- Fri. 12/6/24
- Tues. 12/12/24

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Girl plays the clarinet at Beginning Band Camp
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Activities for Area Students and Families

The Future Foxes tab lists opportunities available to all our community friends. From band to summer camps and youth sports, activities and events happen throughout the year.

The calendar below lists upcoming athletic events, concerts, and plays. We look forward to seeing you!

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We're not Lutheran - Can my student attend FVL?

Each year students from various faiths and Christian denominations attend FVL. Before enrollment, our administrative pastor arranges a personal meeting with each family to make sure that FVL will be able to serve each student's spiritual needs. This allows the parents and students to ask any questions they might have about FVL religion classes, chapel services, and FVL's Christian culture.

Do all students take religion classes at FVL?

As a Christian school, the teachings of the Bible are integral to our curriculum. All students enrolled at FVL participate in religion classes and our daily chapel services. See more about why to consider FVL for your family.

What if my student doesn't know anyone at FVL?

Students attend FVL from across the Fox River Valley and around the world. Our safe, nurturing environment affords all students a chance to make new friends. While some enroll along with their best buddies, many enjoy the opportunity to create a new circle of friends. Our variety of cocurricular offerings provides our students a way to be involved and meet new people with common goals and interests. From athletics to music and art, from our math team to robotics, check out the opportunities.