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Elisabeth Wagner

Here's what's going on this week 11/18):

Recording Saturday

Fundraiser Product Pickup This Saturday

MelodeeBee Used Band Book Drive

Elisabeth Wagner

Find out what's happening this week in FVL Schools Band! Rehearsal, Honors Band, quarantine, fundraiser product pickup, and more!

Elisabeth Wagner

It's November! Here are a few reminders of what we have coming up in November:

FVL Music Apparel Due

Group Rehearsals - Nov. 7, 4, 21

Fundraiser Pickup Day - Nov. 21

Virtual Lesson Reminder


Elisabeth Wagner

This week's FVL Schools Band news includes fundraiser success, volunteer opportunities, encouragement to practice, and NEW FVL music department apparel for purchase.

Check it out!

Elisabeth Wagner

Here's a quick look at what we have coming up for our 2020-21 FVL Schools Band Season:

Beginning Band Camp - Saturday, 9/19

Group Rehearsals start 9/26

Private Lessons start the week of 9/21

See you soon!

Elisabeth Wagner

All of the back-to-school stuff means that we're running in high gear in FVL Schools Band. Find out what's going on!

We've also received a lot of questions about band: what will it look like? will we have group band? live lessons? concerts? We have a plan.

Register today!

Elisabeth Wagner

While it appears that COVID-19 has a firm grip on life, we are planning and prepping to start a new school year. We are looking forward to all that this school year has to offer. And yes, that means band, too. 

Elisabeth Wagner

We pray the summer is off to a good start for you! 

Here’s a quick look at our beginning of the year schedule.

Registration is now open for FVL Schools Band 2020-21!

James Neujahr

Thanks to God for our FVL Schools Band Program

Music and Instrument Return Procedures

FVL Schools Band Awards

Books Completed During Semester Two

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