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Back to School... August 26 Update

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Back to School... August 26 Update
Elisabeth Wagner

Today I sent 4 of my 5 kids back to school. I don't think they've ever been as ready for school as they were this morning (and I'm guessing they might never be again)! This morning I was also officially installed as the FVL Schools Band Director in the opening service at FVL. What a tremendous privilege!

All of the back-to-school stuff also means that we're running in high gear in FVL Schools Band. Here's a snapshot of what's going on:

  • Registration is open - thanks to those who have signed up already!
  • Next week Mr. Neujahr and I are heading out to the schools to make recruitment visits
  • Beginning band open houses are scheduled for September 10th and 12th. 
  • Beginning Band Camp is scheduled for September 19th.
  • Lessons begin the week of September 21st.
  • FVL Schools Band group rehearsals begin September 26th.

We've received a lot of questions about band: what will it look like? will we have group band? live lessons? concerts? 

Just like everything else in the world right now, there are a lot of variables contributing to how we do things. We are planning as we have in the past. Events are scheduled. Equipment is ordered. Ideas are formed. 

But things are probably going to be different. There's going to be less playing as we do recruitment and open houses. There's going to be more space between student and teacher in lessons. Students will be spread out during group rehearsals. There's going to be a lot more sanitizing and wiping down. There may be virtual lessons at times. Probably virtual performances, too. There will be masks and bell covers and puppy pads and probably other things to assist in keeping everyone as safe and healthy as possible.

It's not ideal. But we're doing our best to continue allowing our kids to make music and to grow and excel in their musical abilities.

Please continue to ask questions. Provide feedback. Share ideas. Sign up for band. Encourage your children to practice. Bring them to group rehearsals.

back to school

And pray. Pray that we all stay healthy and safe. Pray that we can continue to meet together in school and on Saturdays. Pray that we can be uplifted, enriched, and encouraged because of this unique year.  

This will be a year like none other. Let's make the most of it!  

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