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Blessings Indeed - November 4

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Blessings Indeed - November 4
Elisabeth Wagner

It's November! As I'm writing, we're in the midst of a beautiful warm spell here in northeastern Wisconsin - what a blessing!

I'm not usually one to take part in the challenge of sharing one thing for which I'm thankful each day of November, but as the calendar changes, I'm often reminded of the tremendous blessings God has given and continues to give me throughout my life. There are the obvious: Jesus, spouse, kids, friends, house, clothes. Then some of the not as obvious: coffee, chocolate, hot water, smoked meats, the internet, pie.  Blessings, indeed!

This year I get to add a few more to the list, which is where you all come in. I am extremely thankful that we have made it this far (relatively) safely. We continue to enjoy the privilege of mostly in-person lessons - what a blessing! I'm thankful for parents who support and encourage their children to cultivate their musical talent - what a blessing! Mr. Neujahr, Mr. Kramer, and I continue to be amazed at the gifts God has given to the students in our program - what a blessing! It's a joy to be able to teach and encourage and get to know all of the kids - they're a great bunch! What a blessing, indeed! 

Here are a few reminders of the blessings and opportunities we have coming up in the FVL Schools Band program this November:

  1. FVL Music apparel orders are due TODAY! Click here to order.
  2. Group rehearsals resume for the following 3 Saturdays:
    • Nov. 7 - Sports Saturday (wear your favorite team apparel!)
    • Nov. 14 - Fun/Silly Sock Saturday (wear your favorite fun or crazy socks!)
    • Nov. 21 - Performance Saturday - we are recording the songs we've been working on in both bands. We are NOT wearing formal wear this year, however, we are going to work on a bit of uniformity. Please wear a black top and jeans (or khakis) to rehearsal.
  3. November 21 is also the Fundraiser Product Pickup day. More details will be coming in the next week or two.
  4. Virtual Lessons - just a reminder that if your child is home quarantined, you may choose to have a virtual lesson. Please review the procedures under "Virtual Learning" in the Band Member News section of our website.
  5. Congrats to Claire P. from Riverview! She is the first one to reach the goal of 1000 minutes of practicing and is officially a member of our 1000 Minute Club!

God has certainly continued to bless us in so many ways. May he continue to bless you and yours abundantly this week, this month, and always!

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