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February 10 Update

Director's Updates

February 10 Update
Elisabeth Wagner

Thanks to everyone for rolling with the punches over the past couple of weeks! This COVID-19 bus sure is a trip!

  1. We do not have rehearsal this coming Saturday. Many schools have a long weekend - enjoy the break!
  2. Upcoming rehearsals - Feb. 20, Feb. 27, March 6. Because of the FVL musical, the space on stage is very limited, therefore, we'll be shifting rehearsal rooms for the next three rehearsals. Cadet Band - rehearsals will be in the band room. Concert Winds - rehearsals will be in the Commons. We are always in need of parent volunteers to help with sign-in. Sign up here!
  3. We've had one more member added to the 1000-Minute Club! AND... one just made the huge accomplishment of making it to the 2500-Minute Club! Congrats!
  4. Just a reminder that if your child is quarantined, you can request a virtual lesson. More info can be found on the website under the Virtual Learning tab of the Band Member News page. If you have questions, send an email to whomever your child has for lessons (Mr. Neujahr or Mrs. Wagner).

I pray you all continue to stay warm, safe, and healthy! God be with you!

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