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February 24 Update

Director's Updates

February 24 Update
Elisabeth Wagner

Can you believe that we're sitting here with March right around the corner? I don't know about you, but the warmer weather this week certainly has things feeling lighter and more hopeful. Here's what's going on this week:

Seven more kids made it into the 1000-Minute Club! If you're looking to help encourage kids with this (beyond having your own kids practice regularly), I could use a few more prizes for the kids who make it to the Club.

We have rehearsal this Saturday (Feb. 27). Once again Cadet Band will be in the Band Room and Concert Winds should be in the Commons. Please make every effort to have your kids at FVL in time to start rehearsal at 8:15am. Both bands are working on a number of more difficult pieces of music, and the more time we have to rehearse and polish them, the better! Also, if your child is not able to make rehearsal, please let us know! With more difficult music comes fewer players on a part, so every person is important!

Looking ahead, our next rehearsal is March 6.

I still could use some parent volunteers to help with taking attendance on Saturdays. Thanks!

Perhaps the most exciting news of all... Our spring concert! At the beginning of the school year, we weren't sure where we would be at all any point with performances. Now we have a much better idea of how things are, and I'm happy to tell you that we are planning to do an FVL Schools & HS band concert LIVE! In order to do this, we have a new date for this concert. Please mark your calendars for May 9 with two performances at 1:00 & 3:00pm to accommodate audiences in a safe way. More details will be coming soon about that afternoon as well as an updated rehearsal schedule.

Thanks so much for all you continue to do to make all of this band stuff happen! God's blessings on your week!

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