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November 11 News Update

Director's Updates

November 11 News Update
Elisabeth Wagner

The temperatures may have dropped, but at least the sun is shining!

We have rehearsal this Saturday (11/14) at 8:15am. It's Silly/Fun/Crazy Sock Day! As always, if your child will not be coming to rehearsal, please send me a quick message so we're prepared. We also could use help with sign-in/attendance. Sign up here!

The WELS Middle School Honors Band Virtual Event is also this Saturday! Students participating in this event will be excused from Concert Winds rehearsal at 9:25 and will participate in the opening devotion and first session together at FVL until 11:00am when they can be picked up and then continue the virtual event at home. More details will be emailed to parents today or tomorrow (we're waiting for the Zoom links from the host school).

If your child is quarantined this week and you'd like a virtual lesson, please review the Virtual Learning page here on the website. If you have questions, please let Mr. Neujahr or Mrs. Wagner know.

We are recording at our rehearsal next Saturday. Please remember to have kids wear a black top and jeans/khakis!

Next Saturday is also the Fundraiser Product Pickup day. *** ALL ORDERS MUST BE PICKED UP ON THIS DATE *** If you cannot be there for pick up, please make arrangements for someone else to pick your order up for you. The product pick-up location will be the FVL Commons. We do not have the capability to store items not picked up at FVL, many of which are frozen food products.

Parents are needed to assist with the set up and/or distribution of the products. Your help would be much appreciated! The delivery truck will be at FVL before 7:30 AM. Assistance would be helpful at that time to help organize the products in the Commons, and also to help get the proper products to parents who may want to pick them up when they drop off their band students at the beginning of rehearsal. More assistance will also be helpful at about 9:30 as parents are coming to pick up their children. So 8:00 - 8:30 and 9:30 - 10:00 will be the "rush hour" times when most parents will be there for pick up.

If you can volunteer in one of these (or all of these!) areas, go to our FVL Schools Fall Fundraiser Pick Up sign up page.We will also have a few carts on hand that you can use to haul your products to your car.

Thanks again for all you're doing! God be with you!

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