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The Home Stretch - September 16th Update

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The Home Stretch - September 16th Update
Elisabeth Wagner

In my house, following the Brewers is a pretty big deal, at least for my six-year-old son and my husband (the rest of us have lesser degrees of interest). Names like Christian Yelich and Ryan Braun are thrown around regularly and the voice of Bob Uecker is familiar. We've definitely enjoyed listening to games and seeing how this season plays out for the team, as strange as the season may be.

So, even as strange as things are, we are in the home stretch of planning for the FVL Schools Band 2020-21 Season... Hooray! This is a quick reminder of what we have coming up:

  1. Beginning Band Camp is this coming Saturday at FVL from 9:00-noon. If you are new to playing an instrument, you'll want to be at Band Camp - this is basically your first lesson. Sign up today! You'll need an instrument, so if you haven't rented one through Heid or FVL or if you don't own one, please let me know ASAP.
  2. Group Rehearsals for the year begin Saturday, September 26 for all band students. Please enter through the Commons entrance to sign in and find out where your band is rehearsing. That's also the day we'll be handing out information regarding our fall fundraising event.
  3. We are planning to begin private lessons next week (Sept. 21-25). The schedule is in the works and will be completed by Friday. I will send it to the schools and will also share it with you.
  4. If you are a returning band student and are renting an instrument from FVL, we will bring your instrument to your school. If you'd like it before next week, you may also pick it up this Saturday morning during Band Camp. Please make sure you have gone online to rent the instrument for the year! If you're not sure, let me know.

I'm very much looking forward to this new band season! We have a lot of new faces joining us, and I can't wait to meet everyone. Masks or no masks, distanced or close together, in-person or virtual, I know we have an awesome team. We're going to make it work.

It's going to be a grand slam.


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