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Virtual Lessons Information - Email from October 2

Director's Updates

Virtual Lessons Information - Email from October 2
James Neujahr

One of 2020's greatest gifts to us is adaptability, I think. We are now in the third week of teaching and have quickly discovered that we are having to rethink our strategies for teaching as we face a buffet of different learning environments. We already have had whole classes quarantined, individual students out, whole schools going virtual, and the normal in-person lessons. Meeting the demands of all of these in an ever-changing community is not easy, especially since we have been blessed with 89 students currently involved in our program. We are now working on a long-term plan and procedures for how we approach lessons for students who may be learning online, especially if they aren't allowed to leave an online class as they do during the school day in-person. Here is our proposed mode of operation:

Mr. Neujahr will be available from 9:40-11:40 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays to teach virtual lessons for any of his students who are distance learning. Students may sign up for any open time to have a lesson.

My schedule fluctuates the most from day to day, so virtual lessons will very much be dependent on individual schools. Here's what my plan and procedure will look like:

  • Students from a school in which ALL band students are distance learning may sign up for a lesson time during the day they normally have lessons.
  • If I am still able to do the majority of a school's lessons in person, I plan to do so. If allowed, I will then do my best to have a virtual lesson with any band student from that school who may be home at their normal lesson time during the day - I will just log on and teach virtually from where I am. That may work; it may not. Time will tell very quickly.
  • If we are not able to do that because of technological issues or the way virtual learning is set up in classes, I may be able to fit in a regularly scheduled window of time on Wednesday or Friday afternoons (time TBD) during which students can have a lesson.

If EVERYONE goes all virtual, then we'll address that accordingly with our schedules. Students can sign up for virtual lessons through our FVL Schools Band website which will be updated as needed to accommodate the situation each week. We'll make that as easy as possible.

In order to allow for the logistical implementation of all of this, we'll begin this plan the week after next (October 12) as needed. This will still give us enough time to get all of the guaranteed lessons for the year in, barring any other speed bumps we may encounter along the way. But - adaptability. :)

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thanks so much for your support and understanding through all of this. 

God keep you in his care,

Elisabeth Wagner

FVL Schools Band Director

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