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Inside FVL

Gymnasiums, science labs, music rooms, art rooms, and the welding shop are some of the stops on the tour when families come to visit our campus.  We know that an in-person visit is not always an option, which can make choosing a high school an even bigger challenge. It helps to be able to see classes in action, to walk through the halls, and to talk to instructors or students

We're offering the next-best thing to a tour — our Inside FVL video series provides a brief introduction to many aspects of our campus and classes, and you'll get to meet a few of our teachers too.  

Watch Tour Videos!

Religion Virtual Tour 2020

Christian Education

Auditorium Virtual Tour


Biomedical Program Virtual Tour

Biomedical Program

International Program Virtual Tour

International Program

STEM Program Virtual Tour

STEM Academy

Metals Shop Virtual Tour

Metals Shop

Exterior of the school
"Montauk Point" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License



Get involved!

FVL students have opportunities to participate, volunteer, and hone talents and abilities through a variety of activities.

Our athletics program includes football, ice hockey, and tennis (to name a few). Students who are interested in business, arts or electronics will want to take a look at our cocurriculars page. Clubs and groups include Future Business Leaders of America, Peer Leadership Group, eSports, Book Club, and Outdoor Club (You should take a look!). Most of our student body is involved in at least one cocurricular activity, and the majority of them participate in more than one. 

Our photos share a glimpse of what our students get to do on campus in classes and with friends. We've also included images of the beautiful building and campus that we are blessed to call home. 

To learn more, contact our Admissions Office.


The Arts

Girls play percussion in pep band
A cappella choir sings in fall concert
Dancing in Fiddler on the Roof
Trombones play in the band at Musicfest
A cappella choir sings at Musicfest
Three girls perform in the fall play 2019
Three girl flutists smile in pep band
Choraliers perform for 2nd graders 2019
Bottle Dancers in Fiddler on the Roof
Boy plays the piano at Musicfest
Set Construction for Fiddler on the Roof
Students play the horn at pep rally
Set Painting for Fiddler on the Roof


Boy pursues soccer ball
Girl bumps ball in volleyball game
Softball player throws a pitch
Boy runs in track and field race
Girl winds up to hit the tennis ball
Girl gets ready on hockey rink
Quarterback looks to pass the ball
Three girls fly on cheer pyramid
Girl dribbles the basketball up the court
Boy holds down opponent on wrestling mat
Girls dance with poms in gym
Boy lines up for free throw in basketball game
Girls smile at cross country run

Faith Focus

2019 graduation banner and cross at the procession
Students participate in balancing challenge in fitness center
Bible passage above grand staircase
New altar on stage
Julie stands with 2019-20 theme banner
Bible passage in biomed lab 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Girls read Bible during Fox Trek activity
Boy speaker smiles at 2019 graduation
Mr. Degner speaks at Christmas concert
Boy is baptized in the auditorium

Student Life

Football player gives thumbs up
Boy and girl smile at pumpkin carving event
Boy and girl smile in Biomed lab
5 students in FVL gear smile by lockers
Two girls smile after basketball game
Two girls hold sign at football game
Boy and girl smile at cross country meet
Two boys smile in hallway
Two girls work on a chemistry lab
Four student council kids smile and give thumbs up
Four boys post in front of ESPN desk at basketball game
Students play tug of war at pep rally
Fall play actress gives a monologue on stage
Four girls smile at Frolic
Group of students smile at Christmas party
Three girls smile on the ski trip
Two girls smile in the pep band
Cheer flyer strikes a pose
Two girl football managers smile on the field
Three kids smile making pizzas in Commons
Two PLG girls smile and give thumbs up
Three students dress as super heroes for HOCO week
Cheer team performs on sideline at football game
Students cheer at Dig Pink
Boy plays trombone in symphonic band concert
Boys work on robots during VEX practice
Three students dress up for Christmas week
Mr. Lemke dresses as Rocky in the classroom
Boy cheers on students at Foxtail Meadow tour
Boy and girl smile making cookies
Three students in senior shirts smile by lockers
Two girls smile in sculpture room