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Alumni Alive is Back in Action

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The newly reorganized Alumni Alive group has pushed the "restart" button and is taking on new goals and a new mission. We'd like to strengthen ties with our graduates while also focusing on the high school's ministry. 

Events and activities are being planned to provide opportunities for you to reconnect with your classmates and all alumni. It's a chance to strengthen friendships and to build new ones with others who share the FVL high school experience. 

Providing Support

Along with events and activities and an opportunity for fun and fellowship, Alumni Alive is dedicated to continuing to support the quality high school experience at FVL. To do this, the Executive Committee has created a new model to foster alumni involvement and to increase opportunities for graduates to provide financial support to FVL. One hundred percent of these donations go to FVL and the Alumni Alive Association.

The Committee looked carefully at the needs around campus as well as those of FVL students and came up with the simple, but flexible breakdown of where donations will go.

Four funds receiving support from Alumni Alive
  • 25% to current/future "Brick and Mortar" projects
    (such as paying down the mortgage)
  • 25% to the FVL Foundation for Tuition Assistance
  • 25% to an annual project chosen by the donors via electronic vote (such as fixing the roof)
  • 25% to fund the costs of future Alumni Alive events

Suggested annual donation levels:

  • $40  
  • $80
  • $160
  • $280
  • $400+

Does this mean that alumni need to pay an annual fee to participate in Alumni Alive events? No, it doesn't. Alumni are welcome to participate in events regardless of whether or not an annual donation is submitted. What it does mean is that Alumni Alive is passionate about continuing to make this quality Christian education available to as many teens as possible, and about encouraging alumni to remain active and involved. If you are willing and able to contribute, every donation makes a difference!

You can donate online, via text, or by sending a check. Please make it payable to FVL and add "Alumni Alive" on the memo line.

Donations are welcome all year long, but to be eligible to vote for the annual project (at Homecoming early each fall), we request that donations are made by mid-August annually.

Girl celebrates after graduation

2019 Recap

In 2019, almost $4.8K was raised with the Alumni Alive Committee's new model! In addition to supporting the Let the Children Come mortgage repayment, tuition assistance, and alumni events, we were also able to purchase: 

  • two sets of plyometric boxes for the fitness center
  • a C-Pen and a computer package to assist the Guided Studies Program.

Thank you for your donations and the help it has provided immediately to these ministry areas! One hundred percent of these donations go to FVL and the Alumni Alive Association.


Screenshot of first page of the Alumni 2020 letter


Download the most recent alumni letter (PDF).
Mailed mid-July 2019