Annual Project

Alumni Alive Project Selected!  Thank you!

Girl celebrates after graduation

Thank you to all who have contributed to FVL Alumni Alive for the 2019 effort!

We raised almost $4,800 collectively this year (1st time) with this current model. I am happy to say that those funds were divided equally 4 ways:

  1. $1180 to Let the Children Come
  2. $1180 to support tuition assistance
  3. $1180 to help sponsor our first Homecoming Alumni Event
  4. You voted to use the funds to support two great causes . . .

We purchased two sets of needed plyometric boxes for the fitness center.
We purchased a C-Pen for our guided studies program . . . BONUS . . . we were able to purchase a computer package that will also assist 10 students in the Guided Studies program!

Thank you for your donations and the help it has provided immediately to these ministry areas! FVL holds a special place in many people's lives, and your support as alumni assists the mission of sharing Jesus with future generations to come! May God bless you always!  

Mr. Jeff Loberger
Director of Mission Advancement


More Information

Are you wondering what this project is all about? Check out the information on our Restructured page or download the most recent alumni letter.