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Parking & Traffic Changes!

Construction crews will be on campus beginning 2/20!  For the safety of FVL families and these workers, you need to be aware of these changes. 

Please check the map below and be aware this goes into effect Tuesday 2/20! 
(You can also download the map as a PDF)

  • STUDENT DROP-OFF & PICK-UP -- Drop-off & pick-up immediately before or after school has been moved to the first row in the South Parking Lot (#3 on the map). 
  • CURRENT VISITOR (TOWER) PARKING LOT CLOSED – No traffic or parking will be allowed in the Visitor (Tower) Parking Lot at the Bell Tower entrance (#1 on the map). (Note that traffic flow allows entrance at Meade, but drivers must exit on JJ)
  • COMMONS ENTRANCE OPEN ONLY TO BUSES – Buses will drop off and pick up students at the Commons entrance and exit onto JJ. (#6 on the map) Please do not drop/pick up students in this area immediately before or after school.
  • ROAD SOUTH OF AUDITORIUM CLOSED – Be aware the road just south of the auditorium (#2 on the diagram) will be closed during construction. Remember to follow the traffic flow noted by the red arrow on the map. All traffic flows through the South Parking Lot from west to east.
  • STUDENT PARKING -- All student parking is unchanged (#7 on the map). All students need a parking pass and an assigned parking stall

We ask for your patience and understanding over the next three months while school and construction are going on.  Be especially cautious for everyone's safety. With most traffic exiting directly onto JJ, we need everyone’s cooperation in driving slowly and safely through the parking lots and pulling out onto JJ – which can be very busy. THANK YOU!

Please contact Director of Operations Mrs. Martha Baldwin with questions. Her phone is  920-739-4441


Construction Parking Feb 16 Screen Shot

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